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Former “capital region” of Italy, Piedmont witnessed some of the major developments in history. The region also offers picture-perfect landscapes, enchanting villages, beautiful castles, top of the art wineries and world renowned local food specialties. Read More about “Piedmont”

White Truffle Vade Mecum

White truffle vade mecum: busting 10 myths about Alba truffles

Busting 10 myths about white truffles and 10 facts you really need to know about them (including a few insider secrets!)
What are the main differences between white and black truffles?
Do Alba truffles necessarily come from Alba?
What are the best ways to preserve white truffles?
Can they be stored in rice or oil?
What are the typical white truffles dishes? Read More about “White truffle vade mecum: busting 10 myths about Alba truffles”

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Top 5 best free language apps to learn Italian before your next trip to Italy

For those of you who think that learning a new language is necessarily very time consuming, big ticket or just not in your wheelhouse, here are five free language apps that will definitely change your mind. The top apps on this list will introduce you to the new language in a very entertaining way, without requiring to re-organize your daily or weekly routine or spending an arm and a leg.

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