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Agriturismi in Italy

Agriturismi in Italy (farm stays, but not only!)

The trend for agricultural tourism has increased exponentially in Italy in recent years. Across rural Italy more than 20,000 places offer the very popular form of accommodation known as agriturismo on farms, wine producing properties and mountain chalets, but also in mansions and ancient castles involved in primary agricultural production (land cultivation, livestock farming, forestry). Read More about “Agriturismi in Italy (farm stays, but not only!)”

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Top 5 best free language apps to learn Italian before your next trip to Italy

For those of you who think that learning a new language is necessarily very time consuming, big ticket or just not in your wheelhouse, here are five free language apps that will definitely change your mind. The top apps on this list will introduce you to the new language in a very entertaining way, without requiring to re-organize your daily or weekly routine or spending an arm and a leg.

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