Top 10 most popular articles of 2014



1. Cinque Terre: a photo and foodie tour of five of the most picturesque villages of Italy

cinque-terre-thumbnail A photographic and culinary exploration of five of the most colorful villages of the Ligurian Riviera, known as the Cinque Terre, following our trip in April 2014. Read more at: Cinque Terre: a photo and foodie tour of five of the most picturesque villages of Italy.



2. Five hilltop villages in Umbria

umbria-thumbnailAfter our Umbria articles, about the Valnerina, our selection of 5 charming little towns in ancient Umbria, and the most lovely B&Bs in Umbria, we take you on a virtual visit of eight Umbrian hilltop villages, seven of which are located in the province of Perugia (of which three in the Lake Trasimeno area) and one in the province of Terni. Read more at: five hilltop villages in Umbria.


3. Eight of Italy’s most beautiful, smaller lakes you have never heard of

italian-small-lakes-thumbnailFrom Trentino/Alto Adige over Tuscany, Lazio and Veneto to the Piedmont and Abruzzo region, Italy counts, apart from the major and most famous Lake Como, Lake Garda and Lago Maggiore, a surprising number of beautiful smaller lakes that are absolutely worth exploring.



4. Five Italian towns for chocolate lovers

chocolate-towns-thumbnail-2You may not know this, but Italy is a true paradise for chocoholics! We have selected five Italian towns renowned for their long tradition in chocolate making. Read more at: Five Italian towns for Chocolate lovers.



5. Picturesque grocery shops and other typical food and wine shops across Italy

thumbnail-picturesque-food-shops One of the things I like to photograph in Italy – besides lonely bikes, asymmetric windows and amazing doorknobs – are beautiful fruit shops and delis selling typical, local food products. Not only are the food products usually displayed in such a beautiful way, but the names of the shops are often totally creative too. Here’s a collection of my favorite photos by myself and other photographers. See more at: Picturesque grocery shops and other typical food and wine shop across Italy.


6. The Day of Four Popes

canonization-thumbnailApril 27 this year was a unique day in the history of Vatican city and Rome. Not only were two former popes, John Paul II and John XXIII, elevated to sainthood at the same time, but their canonization was celebrated by two living Popes side by side, the current Pope Francis and Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI. This event was unprecedented in Catholic history. Read more at: The day of four popes.


7. More than just ham and cheese: hidden and historic Parma in 40 photos and a few anecdotes

parma-thumbnailKnown abroad primarily for its prosciutto and parmigiano cheese, Parma is, first and foremost, a town with a rich historic and artistic heritage. Even if your time in Parma is limited I’d very highly advise you to visit at least a few of the treasures listed below. This article is based on our visit to Parma in the beginning of 2014. Read more at: More than just hame and cheese: hidden and historic Parma and 40 photos and a few anecdotes.


8. Ten leaning towers of Italy (not just Pisa)

leaning-towers-thumbnail While the Leaning Tower of Pisa is certainly the most famous tilting tower of Italy (if not world-wide), it is not the only Italian tower that was either intentionally or unintentionally constructed to not stand perpendicular to the ground. See more at: 10 leaning towers of Italy (not just Pisa).



9. Matera, the unique underground town

matera-thumbnailThe town of Matera is truly unique in many ways. Once a forgotten and neglected city it is now one of the most surprising cities of art to visit. It is also one of the oldest towns in the world that can claim to have been continuously inhabited for more than 10,000 years! An article based on our visit to Basilicata in july 2014. Read more at: Matera, the unique underground town.


10. Artist residencies in Basilicata: room and board in exchange for creativity

basilicata-creative-residencies“Hospitality for young people in exchange for their creativity”. That’s the proposal made by the Basilicata Region in April 2014, with a new project called Residenze artistiche in Basilicata. The project involves 6 artist residencies, which will be offering room and board to 15 artists under 35 in exchange for creative work done during their stay in the Basilicata region. The type of projects we like here at Slow Italy! Even though applications are now closed, this is still an interesting article that might inspire other regions and local authorities to start similar projects! See more at: Artist residencies in Basilicata: room and board in exchange for creativity.

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