8 of Italy’s most beautiful, smaller lakes you have never heard of

1. Lake Tovel (Lago di Tovel), Trentino/Alto Adige


Lake Tovel or the “red lake”, as the lake is also known, is the largest natural lake in Trentino and one of the perls of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park. The lake was dubbed the red lake because of a red type of algae that used to tinge the surface of the water during the summer months. Unfortunately, this unique natural phenomenon disappeared in the late 1960s, but the nickname remained.


The lake forms an excellent starting point for hikes on the Brenta Dolomites or for more relaxing walks around the lake’s shores.



2. Lake Massaciuccoli (Lago di Massaciuccoli), Tuscany

One of Italy’s beautiful natural lakes with marshlands on the one side, which create a wonderful migratory stop for common and rare birds, and the lovely town of Torre del Lago on the other side, where Puccini lived and wrote many of his operas.

Footbridge in the marshlands of Lake Massaciuccoli
Footbridge in the marshlands of Lake Massaciuccoli


In Summer an opera festival is held in the outdoor theater overlooking the lake.

Lago di Massaciuccoli


3. Lake Alleghe (Lago di Alleghe), Veneto
A beautiful lake in the province of Belluno in the Cordevole Valley.





4. Turano Lake (Lago di Turano), Lazio

Located at the foot of Mount Navegna, a natural reserve of Lazio, Lake Turano offers a wide array of possibilities for outdoor activities, fishing and walking along the shores of the lake.



5. Lake Carezza (Lago di Carezza), Trentino/Alto Adige




6. Avigliana Lakes (Laghi di Avigliana), Piedmont
The Avigliana Lakes are two maar lakes, Lago Grande and Lago Piccolo in the Natural Park of the Lakes of Avigliana in the province of Turin.



7. Lake Vico (Lago di Vico), Lazio

Legend has it that Lake Vico was created by Hercules, but in reality it is a caldera lake that was formed in the crater of Vico Volcano. It is part of Lake Vico Natural Reserve. The area is renowned for its important beech forest, which is one of the most southerly in Europe that can survive only due to the elevation of the terrain, which create cooler than normal conditions.


Some of the wildlife that can be spotted in the Lake Vico Natural Reserve include: the Great Crested Grebe (symbol of the Preserve), Eurasian badger, European Scops Owl, Great Egret, Herman’s Tortoise, Eurasian Sparrowhawk, Squacco Heron, Tree frog, Wild Cat and many more.


8. Lake Scanno (Lago di Scanno), Abruzzo


The splendid Lake Scanno is located at an altitude of 930m above sea level in the Sagittario Valley between Montagna Grande and Monte Genzana, in the middle of Abruzzo National Park. Due to its elevation the temperature remains very pleasant in the summer and there is a lovely promenade and cycle track going around the lake.

Chiesa della Madonna del Lago
Chiesa della Madonna del Lago

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Photo credits (top to bottom): Lake Tovel by Stefano Parmesan and Lorenzo Osti; Torre del Lago by ilsognodigelsominoa; Marshland footbridge by Giuseppe Moscato; Lago di Massaciuccoli by Giovanni; Lago di Alleghe by Richard Jones; Lago di Alleghe by Guido Andolfato; Lago di Alleghe with boats by Roberto Ferrari; Turano lake by Nicola; Lago di Carezza by Luca Cerabona; Lago di Carezza by Darvina06; Avigliana Lakes by Gian Giacomo Ermacora and Lucio De Benedictis; Lago di Vico by Paolo Margari; Lago di Scanno by Cristian Palmieri and Lucia Marianina Crivelli.

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