Artist residencies in Basilicata: room and board in exchange for creativity


“Hospitality for young people in exchange for their creativity”. That’s the proposal made by the Basilicata Region, with a new project called Residenze artistiche in Basilicata. The project involves 6 artist residencies, which will be offering room and board to 15 artists under 35 in exchange for creative work done during their stay in the Basilicata region. A mutual exchange of goods – tourism and art – with the ultimate aim to stimulate the growth, internationalization and innovation of the host territory, that’s the type of projects we like here at Slow Italy!

The initiative stems from Visioni Urbane (Urban Visions –, a network of five regional centers for creative projects, which work together, both functionally and in terms of content, with the aim to stimulate the Lucanian creative community.

The idea is to create a sort of think tank for new ideas, and ultimately new jobs, with a greater international openness, while offering the opportunity to stimulate new, broader interactions and opportunities, and facilitating contact with a diverse audience and with the art market.

Creative young people, both Italians and foreigners aged between 18 and 35, are invited to participate in the project, which will be covering areas such as visual arts, video / film, photography, street art, sound design, music, theater, writing, among others.

The 15 candidates who will be selected will have their travel expenses covered, receive room and board, and a cash contribution equal to 3,000 Euros, as well as tutoring-artistic accompaniment, and have access to the technical equipment, facilities and supplies present in the centers. In exchange for this support, the artists commit to carry out a creative project during the period of residency.

The residencies will take place between May and October 2014 at the Centers for Creativity of Urban Visions. Each project will take place at a different period within this time frame. Projects lasts between 30 and 45 days and will involve specific artistic disciplines, as listed below:

1. Tilt, Marconia di Pisticci (MT):

Period: July-August 2014
Duration: 45 days
Creative disciplines involved: cinema, painting, street art
Number of candidates accepted: 2

2. Cecilia, Tito (PZ):

Period: May-June 2014
Duration: 40 days
Creative disciplines involved: visual arts
Number of candidates accepted: 3

3. Banxhurna, San Paolo Albanese (PZ):

Period: May-June 2014
Duration: 40 days
Creative disciplines involved: theater and music
Number of candidates accepted: 3

4. Casa Cava, Matera:
Period: June 2014
Duration: 40 days
Creative disciplines involved: music, video art, electronics
Number of candidates accepted: 2, preferably a musician and an interactive media designer

5. Città della Pace per I Bambini, Sant’Arcengelo (PZ):

Period: June 2014
Duration: 30 days
Creative disciplines involved: photography video, performances
Number of candidates accepted: 1

6. Borgo Albergo Aliano (MT) :

Period: June 2014
Duration: 30 days
Creative disciplines involved: photography, sculpture, literature/anthropology, documentary
Number of candidates accepted: 4

For the contact info of each center, see the application form (links at the end of the article).

Candidates should send their application (form to be downloaded below) before April 29. They should apply only to one residency.

Applications can be submitted in Italian or in English, and should be accompanied by the following documentation:

– Completed application form
– Photocopy of a valid ID card or passport
– Motivational letter (maximum 1 page)
– Choice of the project or research proposal that you would like to carry out during the residency (max 2 pages)
– Your artistic bio (curriculum vitae)
– Representative proof (in electronic format) of the works carried out during the past two years, or, alternatively, a link to your personal website. (for the accepted formats, see the application form).

You can download the application form here:

In English:

In Italian:

In bocca al lupo!

This project is an initiative of the Basilicata Region in collaboration with the Committee Matera 2019. It is funded by the Youth Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Photo credits (top to bottom): Matera © Freesurf/Fotolia

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