Slow Wine Guide 2012

Italian farmer picking grapesThe new Slow Wine guide has elected 1,904 wineries that offer quality wine at a good quality-price ratio, respecting environmental and sustainability criteria dear to the Slow Wine movement. Wines and wineries are subdivided into three categories.

The guide’s three categories for wines include:

1) Vino Slow (‘slow wine’, written in brown): wines with a high organoleptic quality which combine charactertistics of the land they originate from with a true identity and historical value.

2) Grande Vino (‘great wine’, written in yellow): wines with a high organoleptic quality.

3) Particularly interesting is the list of 219 ‘daily wines’ (Vini Quotidiani) sold at less than 10€, listed in blue.

Likewise, wineries have been subdivided into the following three categories:

1) Chiocciola (snail): the Slow Food symbol is assigned to wineries which have interpreted organoleptic, environmental, identity and land values in a specific way that is in line with the philosophy of the association.

2) Bottiglia (bottle): assigned to wineries which produce an excellent quality on average across all bottles produced.

3) Moneta (coin): given to wineries that present a range of labels with an excellent price-to-quality ratio.



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