Italian bar serves Eurozone-inspired cocktail that fluctuates in price with the European bond markets

cocktail in Martini glass

An Italian bar on Friday started offering a eurozone-inspired cocktail that fluctuates in price depending on the European bond markets.

While the differential between Italian and German bonds increased to record levels in the past weeks, the owner of the bar, Simone Liore, a 29-year-old web designer, decided to “transform a weakness into an opportunity to help people in need” by reflecting the change in one of this cocktail creations.

The cocktail, served in his local bar in the town of Cuorgne in northern Italy, is a rigorously European mix, made of German beer, Italian prosecco and French cassis served up in a Martini glass. The starting price for the cocktail is €2.50 ($3.40), but the price changes depending on the yield difference between Italian and benchmark German 10-year government bonds after markets close.

If the spread is 5 percentage points, then the price increases with 0.5 euros. If it is only 200 basis points (2 percentage points), then only 0.2 euros are added, for example. All profits from the drink will go to charity.


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