World pasta day

Today is World Pasta Day and the official launch day of our blog!

On October 25th World Pasta Day is celebrated all over the world since 1995.
The celebration is meant to draw attention to the merits of a dish, served up on all 5 continents, for the 5 following reasons:

  • it’s good
  • it’s healthy
  • it’s practical and fits every lifestyle
  • it’s a typical home-cooked dish fostering family dinners
  • it’s accessible and affordable
  • it’s sustainable.

The objective is to underline the fact that pasta is a healthy carbohydrate providing solid nutritional benefits when eaten as part of a balanced meal (and when cooked al dente!). It is based on the most updated body of scientific evidence about the healthfulness of pasta. When eaten in the proper portions and in combination with healthy foods, pasta does not cause weight gain.

So, let’s celebrate with your favorite dish of pasta today!

What is your favorite pasta dish?

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  • October 25, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    Pasta alla carbonara

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