Watermelon Halloween

The red, green and white layers of the watermelon allow for great carving possibilities adding an Italian tricolored flavor to Halloween. The only drawback is that watermelons last much less than pumpkins (3 to 4 days only instead of about a month for pumpkins).

Watermelons carved for HalloweenPhoto: http://watermelon.org/Carvings/Bat-Jack-O%27Melon-53.aspx

skull carved watermelon with visible brainsPhoto: http://www.zogdo.com/ideas/carved-watermelon-skull-brain/


DeathStar watermelon

Open mouth carved watermelon


Photo:  Source: Carve up a Creepy Melon by Jennifer Bain http://www.thestar.com/comment/columnists/article/269606

Halloween watermelon brainWatermelon brain Source: http://www.boingboing.net/2008/10/24/howto-make-a-brain-o.html

Watermelon carved for HalloweenPhoto: http://hollyshorrorland.blogspot.com/2011/07/celebrate-halloween-in-july-by-making.html

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