Top 10 most unique churches of Italy

1. Multicolored, russian orthodox Church (San Remo, Liguria) The multicolored Russian Orthodox church of Christ the Savior, St. Catherine and St. Seraph was built for the Russian nobility that, following the example of Tsarin Maria Alexandrovna, had chosen the little … Continue reading

Parma Baptistery: a testimony of that unique moment in time when Romanesque became Gothic

The octagonal, Romanesque-Gothic Baptistery of Parma is considered one of Italy’s most harmonious medieval monuments. It was commissioned to Benedetto Antelami, who worked on it both as sculptor and architect, by the City Council of Parma in 1196. Entirely covered … Continue reading

Lux in Arcana: The Vatican Secret Archives Revealed

  An unprecedented and once-in-a-lifetime cultural and media event will take place from March 1 till September 9, 2012 at the Capitoline Museums in Rome: 100 of the most historically significant documents held by the Vatican’s Secret Archives will go … Continue reading